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Everyone has their own obsession, be it: art, cars, clothes, hobbies, fine foods, and maybe even fragrances. And while everyone is entitled to their own pleasantries, we can all agree that sometimes our collections can get a little bit out-of-hand.

We’re sure a lot of people could argue that one can never have too many fragrances, however there comes a pivotal point in which one knows their collection/obsession is becoming too overwhelming.

Whether you’re jumping on the bandwagon to becoming a practicing minimalist, or have calculated the hours (read: years!) it would take to get through your surmounting collection – should you use a few sprays daily – then keep reading!




Below are tips on how to cut cologne clutter and streamline your fragrance collection:

  1. Recognize if you’re collecting (or collecting dust!)

If you acquire a fragrance every time you’re out shopping – simply because it’s a bargain buy – chances are you’re sort of a “hoarding” collector.  Even more likely, is the guilt attached to making such purchases (and ultimately wasting your money). Collectors make conscious additions to their collections – only purchasing items that complete the bunch.

fragrance collections

  1. What fragrances are valuable to you?

This is not a trick question! Find out which perfumes/colognes you can stand to not miss. Secondly, you can decide which ones will hold present and future value (i.e. will always be higher-priced and considered classics) then set those to the side.  Lastly, consider the 80 – 20 rule when de-cluttering. Decide on the top 20% of fragrances you use 80% (or more) of the time, and ditch the rest. Donate, trash, or sell (hint: on Aroma Life Marketplace) the ones that didn’t make the cut.

  1. Have your smell (and keep it too!)

For those who are writhing in discomfort at our previous tip, consider what we’re about to suggest next.  We all know that the sweet spot of fragrances are less about the bottle and more about the liquid goodness inside! Consider transferring the perfume/cologne you’re iffy about into smaller decanters. Atomizers are cheap and of decent size (5 to 20ML), for labeling and storage. Like mentioned before, sell or donate the rest of the contents you didn’t transfer. BONUS: Fragrance decanters provide travel-friendly fragrances you can carry on the go, without having to tote the more valuables away from home.

  1. Separate, but organized


    source -Travalo

The next best thing for fragrance lovers, is to find a dedicated space to house your collection. When you clutter them with other items, it’s easy for you to have chaos and a lack of organization – making it harder to be able to access your fragrances equally.  Use acrylic containers, purchase shelving organizers, or a standalone vanities.  If you’re really OCD on the organization, digital catalogs and systems may tickle your fancy.

  1. Curb your collecting

You’ve tackled the hard part, but the key to being in control of your collection, is to arm yourself with your newfound discipline going forward. Don’t waste money purchasing full bottles of fragrances you are not absolutely sold on. Request sample- or travel- sized selections, or purchase gently-used fragrances online. Add or swap out your decanters with them, only purchasing full-sized versions when you’ve made space for it.

With the holiday season coming up, there’s bound to be an influx of fragrance gifts, and even more so – holiday sales and clearances that tempt you to buy. Now’s a good time to sell what you can (and use the extra cash to purchase a few, new sample sets)! 


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