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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. It’s almost time to cue in the anticipated nuances: the dozens of roses, packages of various candies & chocolates, and let’s not forget, the unexpected deliveries from not-so-secret admirers. Equally anticipated, are the all-star lineup of out-of-the-park date plans scheduled over next few days.

Whether you have a date with #bae, or simply joining the Singles gang for a night out, nothing adds more to the laws of attraction and chemistry than a sweet-scented accompaniment. Check out our below picks for Perfect Fragrances for Your Valentine’s Day Plans:

For A Night Under the Stars

Fit for a romantic rooftop surprise, or a post-dinner ride through the city (horse & carriage anyone?), these fragrances are sure to fill the air and sensually keep your date wrapped into you all night.

  • Her: ChanelChance for Her – a constellation of Jasmine Absolute and Rose Essence that’s airy, fresh, and clean.
  • Him: Tommy Bahama Set Sail St. Bart’s – baecation to Caribbean, or just an intoxicating whiff of sea vine, guava nectar, and blue agave tequila? You decide.

For Dancing All Night

When it’s time to “feel the heat” with your date on the dance floor, there’s nothing more entrancing than the sweet release of pheromones (and fragrance!) as you both begin to work up a sweat!  The below fragrances hold up during increased activity – and don’t overpower each other when you’re up-close-and-personal!

  • Her: Roberto Cavalli Signature – a syncopated medley from the ambery floral family. Pink pepper and orange blossoms. Soft and velvety, for smooth moves.
  • Him: YSL La Nuit De L’Homme – vibrating warmth of oriental accords. Sounds like the perfect partner.

For a Fun Night at the Comedy Show

In a laid-back setting, such as at a comedy club, you need something fun and flirty to match. The following fragrances aren’t “stuffy,” but can stand up to the test of the night’s progressions. 

  • Her: Lacoste Eau de Lacoste – feminine, yet fun, with yellow mandarin and pink grapefruit. It says, “I’m sporty and strong, but sexy.”
  • Him: Calvin Klein ETERNITY for men- Similar notes of mandarin, with lavender and green botanical, this says “I’m cool, calm, and collected!”

For a Romantic Surprise

There’s nothing more mysterious (or sexy) than being told where to be, at what time, but not know anything else! The night could lead you anywhere, and these fragrances inject even more mystery and yearning for what’s in store.

Chanel No.5 Red perfume
  • Her: Chanel No. 5 Red Edition – A special release, for any special woman. Love is in the air with the limited edition’s focus on intense floral notes (May Rose and Jasmine).
  • Him: YSL Splendid Wood – though unisex, it’s intense for any man of mystery. Dark, and penetrating with oud wood scents, topped with a breathtaking freshness of tangy essences.

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