What it is/How it works

It’s quite simple. Find what you don’t want or need anymore.

  • Take picture
  • Describe the condition of the item
  • List it!!!
  • That’s it!

Introducing a new service by a fragrance connoisseur for fragrance connoisseurs.  Sell gently used fragrances that you own and buy from others at a reduced price. The Aroma Life makes reselling fragrances, fast and easy-for both buyers and seller. Have items in your collection that you love or (maybe don’t love so much), and just don’t wear anymore? Why let that bottle just collect dust? List fragrances for sale on The Aroma Life in less than 1 minute. Simply list it on the site, sale it and make some cash. Simple right?

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  • List gently used fragrances from top brands
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Welcome to The Aroma Life!!!

You want to add to your collection but don’t necessarily want to purchase a whole bottle, simply

Sell what you own and buy what you want.

The Aroma Life makes resale fast and simple for buyers and sellers.

How much should I list my item for?

At The Aroma Life, we give you as the seller the autonomy to list your item for whatever price that YOU WANT! As a general guideline, we suggest you price your item according to how much is in the bottle compared to retail price of the item. For example if 75% of the bottle is left, then divide the percentage of what’s left of purchase price.

What is the shipping policy?

Shipping is up to the individual seller.

Return policy

Never worry about returns

We handle returns so you don’t have to.

Buyers send returns directly to The Aroma Life, and you keep your earnings.
It’s that easy!*

*Inauthentic and misrepresented items will be returned to the seller. The Aroma Life will not release seller earnings if the item is misrepresented in any way, and will issue a full refund to the buyer.

When will I receive payment?

After the transaction is complete we will release the funds to your approved PayPal account after 3 business days.

What about returns?

The only returns that are approved are:

  • Items that are misrepresented
  • Items that are counterfeit

The Aroma Life only allows the sale of authentic fragrance products. The Aroma Life sellers are required to honestly and accurately represent items in their listings, including all relevant information about size, amount in bottle, condition of item, and other descriptive information posted in the listing.

Seller responsibilities

As a seller on The Aroma Life, you are expected to be a responsible member of our community by being helpful and respectful to buyers while they’re making purchase decisions. In practice, this means you’ll make an effort to be honest in your listing details, be responsive to messages, confirm and ship items promptly, and work with the buyer and The Aroma Life representatives if questions arise.

The Aroma Life reserves the right to take action against any seller we have determined to have acted maliciously or fraudulently against The Aroma Life or any user on the platform. If it is determined that fraudulent activity has transpired. Your seller account will be disabled and you will be blocked from selling on our platform in the future.

Zero-tolerance fraud policy

Any seller who has misrepresented an item on The Aroma Life, or is in violation of any Terms of Use, determined at our discretion, may have their The Aroma Life access revoked and related earnings withheld. We reserve the right to extract funds from your Aroma Life account or charge any payment source on file in order to recover any balance due to The Aroma Life.


The Aroma Life does not allow order cancellations and all sales are binding. If the seller does not ship your order within 5 business days of purchase, you may request a cancellation by contacting us.

Selling guidelines

Your item may be returned to you for a violation of The Aroma Life policies if:

  • You failed to ship within 5 days of sale confirmation
  • Fraudulent activity is suspected
  • The item contains materials that are restricted or illegal to sell under applicable law, statute, ordinance, or regulation.

What items are prohibited for resale?

The only items that are eligible to be resold are perfume and cologne products. At this current time no makeup or skincare items are allowed to be sold.

How long do I have to ship my sale?

The faster you ship, the quicker you get paid. Each seller has 5 days from the purchase date to ship the item out. Please communicate the shipping timeline to your buyer, including any delays, to avoid any issues.

Can I sell from outside the US?

No, you must be located within the United States. We don’t allow international sellers.

How do I create a listing?

You can list any fragrance item for sale on The Aroma Life, using our website. When listing, you’ll be required to add photos, provide a brief description, name your price, and provide any shipping details.

How do I remove a listing?

Just email us what listing you want removed and we will take it from there!

How can I pay?

You can pay on TheAromalife.com with a credit or debit card, or with PayPal. Payment for the reseller marketplace is PayPal only.

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