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When it comes to fragrance, no one likes to buy blindly. Imagine spending hundreds of dollars for something that you can’t necessarily return, or just end up hating! Our Aroma Life team equally agrees that fragrance reviews and sampling is always a tried-and-true way to find new fragrance.  As we continue to buy and resell popular perfumes and colognes, we’ll review them – so you don’t have to!  Check out one of our editor’s reviews on Burberry’s My Burberry Blush eau de parfum.

My Burberry Blush, 3.4 FL OZ Eau de Parfum

Fragrance Details

Retail: Buy online for $67.70 on Aroma Life

Packaging: Square perfume bottle with cylinder lid. Signature Burberry logo and gold trim on bottle and box.

Notes: Lemon, pomegranate, rose petals, green apple, geranium, jasmine, & wisteria

My Burberry Blush eau de parfum fragrance online

First impression:

We sampled My Burberry Blush throughout a regular workday – to not only see how the notes carry through long hours, but also how the notes develop over time.

Soft, floral fragrance

With two, light mists to each wrist (anything more would be too overpowering for this fragrance), My Burberry Blush opens with an immediate citrus floral. There’s a swift note of lemon, green apple and traces of rose. The fragrance is nothing special but really well-mixed together. A few minutes in the “dry down,” the scent gets softer, picking up the fruity pomegranate and geranium notes.

By lunchtime (about 3-4 hours since spraying), My Burberry Blush reminds us of a really expensive “fabric softener.” Think: soft, powdery-clean aroma with whiffs of an elected fragrance.

Those notes picked up a tart floral – with more of the jasmine coming through to steal the show. The soft powdery scent: Geranium. It’s not as warm as gourmand, but slightly “green” & peppery.  We’re thinking this is what ties the lemon and rose subtly into this fragrance composition.

Blush attire work wear
Blush: Perfect work accessory

Overall impression:

We recommend this for spring and summer wear! My Burberry Blush is a subtle, straight-to-the-point perfume. It’s plain but packs a sweet punch at various moments during the wear that surprise your nose. Unlike of other perfume/cologne from the Burberry fragrance collection, My Burberry Blush is not a 10-hour wear. The sillage on this is not very strong, so consider this your non-tedious, everyday work perfume, than your signature day-to-night scent. You’d do well with bringing a small bottle with you to re-up every couple of hours – as – while the scent brings complements, over time, you don’t really smell it unless someone is in your immediate radius.

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