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There’s no better time than the New Year to reinvent themselves – be it – making exorbitant resolutions or just wanting to try something new.  Consider this your fragrance amnesty, where you can ditch what you know and love, to unleash a new inner you (read: play around with scents)!

Here are some tips for finding and experimenting with new fragrances.

Try Before You Buy

The food court of fragrance is endless – and because perfume/cologne purchases can get costly – the last thing you want to do is make a blind buy. Retail stores, like Nordstrom and Sephora, are some of the main places to get free fragrance samples.fragrance-samples-testers

One common mistake that shoppers make is relying solely on the in-store testers to help reach a purchase decision about a perfume/cologne. Ask for free samples whenever you can (no matter how many looks you may get from the fragrance counter consultant!).

If you’re a bashful buyer, there you can also join a fragrance group, where other fragrance lovers and collectors swap scents – or – buy perfume samples from trusted internet sites.

Take Notes (About Notes, etc.)

As mentioned, selecting a new fragrance should not be an impulse thing (buyer’s remorse anyone?). When you get a sample, be sure to use it entirely.  If you have more than one sample to try, move on to those before making an actual purchase. Give yourself a few days to a week with each fragrance.

Start a journal – or scent spreadsheet – to take notes on each fragrance individually. Rate the fragrance based on your usual scent profile. What prominent notes in the fragrance worked best with your body chemistry? Did you enjoy the fragrance more in the daytime, or when you went out at night?

EXPERT TIP: Be sure to also compare and contrast your samples among each other. You may think you’re sold on a fragrance because you’ve gotten used to it for 2-3 days, but often it’s because we have nothing to compare it to.

spreadsheet of fragrances

Image: Scent Spreadsheet

Resniff, Resmell, Revive

Our bodies are delicate when it comes to fragrance chemistry. Things change with time: our bodies, seasons, and even our scent appeal. Refer back to your journal every 6-12 months to see if there’s a scent that almost made the cut previously, but didn’t. Re-sample some of those scents – or try similar scents with the same characteristics – to see if there’s been any adjustment in your aroma profile.

Trust us: your mind (and nose) is ever-changing!

Make Room For More

What may have started as a hunt for one new fragrance, can very well turn into a 10-20 bullet list of other fragrances you really really would love to try. While we would never discourage (or judge) budding fragrance addictions, we have some recommendations to help curtail unnecessary spending when it comes to adding new scents to your collection.

Make room for each new addition, by either: selling or swapping older, unwanted ones. Sites, like our Aroma Life Marketplace allows you to list and sell gently-used or never-opened fragrances from your stash.  You can then purchase brand-new, discounted fragrances from the Aroma Life store! It’s a win-win situation for you!

Ready to explore? Let us know what new scents you’ve been experimenting with! Share your comments and photos with us on social media – use the hashtag #TheAromaLife or follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

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