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The concept of online item swapping is not a one. E-commerce giants, like eBay, are around today simply because there’s such a large subset of consumers who find selling and trading gently-used items on a merchant platform to be lucrative and economical!  Ode to Kim K, who launched a successful eBay store by selling former bestie, Paris Hilton’s luxury items online…

What started with gently-used clothes, evolved into accessories, shoes, beauty products and now fragrances?  Fast forward to now, and you’ll find there’s an abundance of apps, sites, blogs, and online communities (no really, there are thousands of fragrance swap groups on Facebook!) – All for the cause.

You’re probably wondering why you would EVER purchase used perfume or cologne online – much less from a “trusted” seller. And the answer is, there are plenty of reasons someone would want to sell gently-used, never-worn fragrance to begin with:

  1. They are scent aficionados! These people simply can’t get enough of perfume or cologne. They may have tried something new, and not liked it – or being real – have way too many in the collection. Fragrance forums and groups are the perfect place to find new homes for their former favorites.
  2. Try as our loved ones and significant others might, they sometimes miss the mark with gift giving! Sometimes the fit is off, or in this case, the smell or chemistry just isn’t right. There sits a perfectly good bottle of Bond No. 9, or YSL Mon Paris, collecting dust…

Without harm or foul – a fragrance marketplace is the perfect way to clear the clutter and “make dollars out of scents ( consider it coined!)”.  So why buy? Consider the benefits a two-for-one: if you’re a novice perfume or cologne buyer, then you get to purchase popular fragrances for less than retail value – with an added layer of reviews and recommendations from avid experts and users.

The Aroma Life marketplace was created to make buying, selling, and trading gently-used fragrances, a breeze! Each product listing and seller is fully-vetted by our team before making it to our marketplace store.

Find out how it it works! Join the exchange, and create a FREE Aroma Life profile – or follow our conversation on Facebook!

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