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There’s no doubt about it – having a love for fragrance is not a cheap habit. Whether you’re a collector or not, scents will always be a part of one’s style wardrobe. Depending on how often you switch up your perfume or cologne, you’re probably going through a bottle regularly (can you hear the dollar signs racking up in your head yet?)!

Imitation scents, or fragrance dupes, have been on the rise (just think about the Replica brand fragrances!). Even the most savvy have gotten thrifty with using off-brand perfumes/colognes as an alternative to their most prized fragrances.

Be you a have or have not, these 4 scents have been tested to be great stand-ins for the classic opulence that is high-end fragrance.

Avon Eve Truth | Smells Like: Marc Jacobs Daisy (retail: $106)

For around $15, lovers of Daisy fragrances can enjoy the uncannily identical scent of Avon Eve Truth. The newest fragrance from Avon share many notes in common by Marc Jacobs’ signature perfume. Both fragrances open with refreshing notes of fruity floral scents – Eve Truth with starfruit and pomegranate  and Daisy with wild strawberry and violet. Under the layers, they each have mid notes of Gardenia and dry base notes of musk and cedarwood. Fun fact: it is said that similarities of both perfumes can be credited to Eve Truth’s creator Laurent Le Guernec, who used to work for Marc Jacobs!

Avon Eve Truth perfume

Superdrugs Layering Lab Exotic | Smells Like: YSL Black Opium ($78)

If you haven’t heard of the UK beauty & drugstore retailer, you’re missing out! Superdrug has its own range of labeled products, which sit alongside other great, budget brands. For the “conscious” wearer, their products are also cruelty-free and mostly vegan.  The Layering Lab line, as the name suggests, excites buyers to purchase one or more of their insanely affordable (less than $5!) body mists and experiment with creating their own scents. As a standalone, most aficionados are wild about the Layering Lab Exotic fragrance which has been debated (and won) to smell very  close – if not exact – to YSL’s Black Opium. Because these sprays are not as concentrated, don’t ‘expect them to last as long. They are best kept in your purse, and sprayed throughout the day – at work or on a casual outing. Relax, you can afford it!

Layering Lab Superdrugs fragrance

Lidl Suddenly Madame Glamour |Smells Like: Chanel Coco Mademoiselle ($135)

Chanel Coco is by far one of the most notable and iconic fragrances – by scent and presentation! It is no doubt that if you’re going to claim resemblance, the lesser fragrance must show up and perform! Lidl’s Suddenly Madame Glamour (retail $14 on Amazon) has made a believer out of the Chanel mob. How does one come close to imitating the most expensive, natural rose essence that is created for the Chanel fragrance? While it is important to not that Suddenly Madame is much lighter in note and potency – which means it will wear off quickly – the fragrance features prominent oils from the jasmine flower, rose, ylang-ylang and vetiver. Sound familiar?

Lidl Suddenly Madame Glamour spray

Zara Rose | Smells Like: Dior J’Adore ($75)

Dior is another loyal brand that has a cult following. J’Adore specifically is one of those perfumes that a little goes a long way – considering the price for the bottle. Zara’s fragrances, on its own, have really great smells for everyday wear. In fact, most people vote it one of the better in-store brands out there. Add on the fact that Zara Rose produces the same scent as the bottle of J’Adore, and you’ve got a sure-fire secret to smelling good and saving money!

Zara Rose US Fragrance

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