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Ever wondered where you could get your back-in-the-day, old faithful fragrance? You know, the nostalgic notes that you still guiltily crave – but not certain where and how to find them.

The “discontinued” fragrance: over-expired by popular opinion; but to a true aficionado, is worth that second chance. We’ve scoured the boards of our fellow, fragrance experts, and found the best avenues to find some sentimental scents.

Hard to Find Fragrances

Online Auction Sites

Platforms like eBay, Etsy, and Bonanza is good starting point to uncover some of your favorites. Be careful to ensure that online fragrance listings are not counterfeit or “turned.”

Online Wholesale Perfumers

Comb through the trusted online wholesale perfume sites. If you know specifically what you’re looking for, you can find not only discontinued, but vintage fragrances at places like Fragrance Net and Overstock. Like EBay and such, ask thorough questions about the items; sometimes you can even request a photo of the actual product before purchasing.

Company Re-Issues

Consider yourself lucky, if you hit the jackpot, and find a re-issue a discontinued fragrance from the original company. This is probably the closest you will get to receiving new, un-turned scents. Err on the side of caution, as most times, due to certain limitations, a scent cannot be replicated exactly.

Virtual “Yard Sales”

No stone goes un-turned when you’re in search of a gem. Find forum and message boards, or private Facebook groups, to specifically request items you may “In Search Of.”  Otherwise known as ISO groups, you search can quickly spread through networks of experts and sellers alike – with just one click!

image via FragrancesofTheWorld

Fragrance Experts & Leaders

Experts like Mike Edward – from Fragrances of the World – eat, sleep, and breathe fragrance origins. His blog often highlight some of the best fragrances of all time, so finding out where to get exclusive items can prove to be successful. If you’re in Lake Tahoe, CA – then the owners of Fragrance Vault – offer thousands of vintage and hard-to-find fragrances for fragrance seekers.

Looking for hard-to-find fragrances? Let us know in our Aroma Life community online.

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