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The 2018 holiday shopping season is steadily on the helm. If you’re a little tight on spending money, there may be no greater need than now to have some extra coins in your pocket!

There are many things you can do to make extra money: get a weekend job, hustle a few side gigs, or even sell a few of your personal valuables. Short of this, many sell gently-used fragrances to earn top dollar!

If you’re new to the idea of selling or trading perfumes and colognes, then The Aroma Life Marketplace is the perfect launch pad.  It’s easy as 1-2-3 to turn your scents into dollars – but before you start selling – check out these top  ways to quickly selling your product on our Marketplace.

Selling Fragrance Online

Select High-Value or High-Demand Fragrances

While you’re free to sell any unopened, or gently-used fragrance, sellers can increase their chances of getting an item sole when they are being popularly searched, or in demand for the season. High-value fragrances and “always-in” classics are considered to be top sellers as well!

Post High-Quality, Authentic Photos and Descriptions of Your Products

While professional photography is not required, photos that are of high-quality attract more views for your listing. It also helps buyers see the full condition of your product. Only use images from the brand, as a supplement/product comparison, to your actual product photos. Using stock photos lessens your authenticity and trust to the buyer.

When taking photos of your product, ensure to:Listing-Fragrance-Product

  • Utilize a digital camera, or a smartphone, with advanced photo settings. Whether an iPhone or Android, you can select: HDR mode, auto flash, and any other high-quality settings for picture-taking.
  • Find a flat surface and a solid background, in a well-lit room.
  • Take photos in landscape (horizontally), as opposed to portrait (vertically).
  • Take multiple angles of your product (This will help cover any claims made on conditions, packaging of products).

Provide Sell-worthy Titles and Captivating Descriptions

Clearly include the fragrance name, brand, and fragrance type (eau de parfum/eau de toilette) in your title. Be sure to include important information about the product you have in your description. Details such as bottle size, date of purchase, whether the fragrance is unopened, or used, are key things to include. Feel free to take it a step further and borrow inspiration from the brand’s site about any important product facts or details about the fragrance. The key to having a buyer purchase your item over another related product, is to provide as much decision-making information you can.

Price to Sell

Sellers have the autonomy to list their items for whatever price they want on the site. Unopened bottles can be priced more competitively than gentle-used ones. As a general guideline, we suggest pricing used fragrances based on how much is still in the bottle. For e.g. if 70% of fragrance is left, then take the percentage of what’s left from the purchase price. It’s also good to reference what other wholesalers, or private sellers, are selling their items for in order to determine a reasonable – but competitive – listing price. REMEMBER: Marketplace sellers earn 90% of what they sell.

Ready to earn some holiday cash with us? Create a seller’s profile, and read our frequently asked questions before getting started. Happy Earning!

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